Our beaches are covered in plastic confetti and there really is nothing to celebrate.

When Thirza Schaap was a child, she used to collect beautiful treasures as shells and shimmering stones from the Holland beaches.

When she grew up and moved to South Africa she continued doing the same thing, but this time she started filling her pockets with trash instead of beach treasures.

This is how the “Plastic from the Ocean” art project was born.

She creates sculptures out of the objects that she find on the beach to help create awareness about plastic pollution and the issues we face in our oceans.

We feel very much connected with Thirza´s work as in RESET PRIORITY we focus into the same objevtice of raising awareness and making concious choices for the environment.

We select the most sustainable fabrics that try to help plastic pollution by using recycled fabrics coming from plastic bottles and fishing nets rescued from the oceans as well as carpet fibers. These materials are then treated and regenerated into new elastic yarn… and wonderful new swimwear pieces.

If you want to read more about our production process you can read more here.

And Thirza, we wish to see more of this work coming from you!

Find all her work here Thirza Schaap website.